Mentor 🛳️ Ship

6 weeks of mentoring. 30 minutes per week. 150+ concepts to learn.

For Captains

The program pairs professional engineers with members of the Syracuse public who are looking to learn or to break into the industry. The six week program involves a mentor committing to a trainee for a 30 minute per week Zoom. The engagement involves 2-4 hours per week of a mentor’s time when including planning and review.

CodeSyracuse provides me with everything I need to share my passion for coding with others -- whether it's matching me with mentees, providing feedback and resource, or the support network of other mentors.

Mentorship is a unique chance for self-reflection, growth, and relationship building with your mentee. I am priviledged to be a part of it with CodeSyracuse!

Nathan E, Mentor
Nathan Evans
Mentor, January 2021

For Passengers

The program allows any person of any skill level to learn from a professional. That means the getting an education on a topic that matters to you from a starting point that is appropriate to the situation you are in. That means participating in the digital world as a producer, not a consumer.

Hey Peter! Happy New Year 😊

Owe you a long overdue thanks. The mentorship with Cappetta you set me up with really helped me focus myself and land a job.

Chris D, Trainee
Christopher Dion
Trainee, October 2020

Set Sail

This is about the improvement of skills as a developer or software engineer. Less like job training and more like gym training. Everyone wants to make progress and the way to do it is get a trainer.


What are the requirements?

For Captains

  • Know more than your trainee
  • Age 18+

When you fill out the mentor form, we make a match with a trainee based on your skills and experience. Whether you have two years of experience or twenty you just have to be able to help guide your trainee in their learning.

For Passengers

  • Live in or around Syracuse, NY
  • Age 18+

Trainees can have any level of experience, whether you’ve never coded, have a coding bootcamp certificate, or a college degree in computer science, we’ll find the right mentor for you.

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